Things I’ll Miss About Redfin

Here’s a random list of things I’ll miss about Redfin…

  • How excited everyone gets when Redfin appears in big media, like 60 Minutes, The New York Times, and Good Morning America.
  • The all-hands-on-deck manner in which developers actually helped answer phone calls (gasp!) after the 60 Minutes appearance.
  • That one listing with the photo of the huge dog.  For the following month, whenever we talked about our website traffic we’d say things like “not counting the spike caused by the big dog…”
  • Our catered lunches on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday – especially when we have soups or Qdoba.
  • Going out to lunch on Wednesdays and Fridays, especially Tat’s, Salumi, and Fado (but not Red Bowls – down with Red Bowls!).
  • The Dim Sum and Burrito restaurants by the SF office.
  • When Jamie and Arthur get into throat-clearing death matches after lunch.
  • The way Jeff Yee yells “bug” whenever he discovers a bug.
  • People jamming on Rock Band in the Savan Kong Commemorative Dining Area (hearing Yeah Yeah Yeah’s over and over, can we pick another song please?)
  • The really intelligent things that Glenn says, and the totally random things he says (sorry Robert).  Also, the way he says “huge”.
  • That one flying mokey.
  • The various surprises I found whenever I returned from vacation, like the Shahasslehoff poster and the balloons (thanks Arpat!).
  • How excited Lily got when I told her I was going to Burning Man.  And the costumes she gave me to wear there (pink fur, devil’s horns, and leather cuffs)
  • Doing releases every couple of months (even staying up late to do them).  Getting thumbs-up emails from our customers.
  • After expanding to a new market, finding out that we got our first deal there (e.g. Chicago – go Mark!)
  • How everyone in the office is so cycling-happy (Cynthia, when do I get my Redfin jersey??)
  • The “let Redfin decide” surveys on the white board in the kitchen (who’s responsible for those anyways??)
  • Playing in the semi-regular Dave Billings Invitational poker tournaments.  Losing.  Repeatedly.  Then heading over to Currie’s Settlers of Catan table to see what the fuss is about.
  • Wearing “spy gear” while dashing around Seattle in the treasure hunt.
  • Daniel, breakdancing.
  • Crissy getting drunk and picking everyone up, literally.
  • Dan Fabulich’s incredibly high signal-to-noise ratio.  How I find myself imitating his mannerisms when explaining technical issues.
  • Hearing about Fat Club and how Kevin won by shedding 20 pounds in less than a week doing hot yoga and eating nothing.  And how the rules changed to prevent that from happening again.
  • Finding those discarded lab coats in the old office; wearing them on each release day (“ready to press the button Doctor DeMichele?”).
  • Showing up at work with the same Costco-bought argile polo shirt as Kevin.  All the girls crack up.  None of the guys notice.  Kevin and I divi-up the week so it doesn’t happen again.
  • The random chatter in the “dev chillout chit chat” skype room, like the home in Detroit that sold for $1.
  • Participating in strategic discussions with executives about where the company should go (even as lowly entry-level manager).
  • Watching our website traffic grow, grow, grow.
  • Our wine sampling event, and Leo’s grilled cheese sandwiches (brilliant!).
  • How nobody can out-drink Adam and nobody can out-eat McGarty.
  • How I don’t have to remember where Chelsea sits — I can always follow the sound of her laugh.
  • Kevin or Warren (or others) in front of a packed house whenever we do one of our real estate classes in the office.
  • The little photos on our office doors that show which celebrity would play us when Hollywood finally decides to make Redfin: the Movie (especially Wilkins as played by Rambo and Yee as played by C3P0).
  • Janelle getting plans together for the Redfin wrestling brawl (“who would you wrestle?”).
  • Steve Markus dressed as a cheerleader
  • Feeling like a VIP at Havana Social Club (“yeah, Angela and I, we go way back”)

Redfin – I’ll miss you guys.  Keep kicking ass!  See you in a year!


4 responses to “Things I’ll Miss About Redfin

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  2. Great post, Shahaf. I can relate to your sentiment here :).

  3. Redfinnian cyclists will get their jerseys by Halloween, but you’ll get yours in a year … that’s what you get for leaving us for so long!

    We’ll beat you to Chengdu (mid-November), so I’ll email you some must-dos.

    Have a great time!

  4. Let’s let Redfin decide how much you’ll be missed…!

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